Covid Secure Vehicle Deliveries


Those receiving vehicle deliveries can now use their own personal devices to provide a signature and indicate a successful delivery

In response to the latest lockdown XPTech has developed an industry critical safe and secure digital signing product Sign4™. “This allows a truly contactless proof of delivery mechanism,” says chief executive officer Oliver Woodmansee.  “Those receiving their vehicle delivery can now use their own personal devices to provide a signature and indicate a successful delivery or collection rather than touch a driver tablet. Critical as we now move to a new World where vehicle deliveries and collections are being carried out remotely.

“Quickly adopted by some key global companies, and with applications in new and used car delivery, daily rental or any form of product delivery to a customer, Sign4 is unique in the market and a game-changer for anyone seeking absolute confirmation of a delivery or collection,” says Woodmansee.  “Aside from medical safety and customer reassurance, this solution ensures a record of condition and change of responsibility at the point of handover.”

Environmental footprint reduced

Many firms that still use pen and paper for delivery confirmation can quickly and easily adopt Sign4 and immediately reduce their environmental footprint, explains Woodmansee.  “Our other asset management and driver scheduling products optimise efficiency, creating significant running cost savings and maximising insight.

“Most of our customers’ long-term strategic thinking has changed radically, due to both coronavirus and economic horizons as a result of Brexit,” he adds. “Our ability to support our customers through our technology on this journey represents a significant development for our industry.  We’re in the great position of being able to deliver exciting and innovative change very quickly due to an agile approach and working with our customers’ long-term strategies to deliver value and enable strategic change.”

Shortlisted for a prestigious technology award